package main

    import "fmt"

    // Human defines attributes
    type Human struct {
      Name string `json:"name"`

      Github      string   `json:"github"`
      LinkedIn    string   `json:"linkedin"`

      Description string   `json:"description"`
      Hobbies     []string `json:"hobbies"`

      Licenses    []string `json:"licenses"`
      Projects    []string `json:"projects"`

    func main() {
      codeMonkey := &Human{
        Name: "Josh F. Johnston",

        Github:   "",
        LinkedIn: "

", Description: "To be added", Hobbies: []string{ "Programming", "Backend Development", "Scuba Diving", }, Licenses: []string{ "Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud: Coursera (July 2020)", }, TechStack: []string{ "Golang", "gRPC", "Javascript", "ReactJS", "Redux", "MongoDB", "MySQL/MariaDB", "PostgreSQL", "Redis", "Docker", "Apache/NGINX", "API Design", "Linux", }, // project pages under construction // for now using github links Projects: []string{ "AxialRP NodeJS", "Roguelike Dungeon", "Game of Life", "Wikipedia Viewer", "Quote Generator", "Markdown Previewer", "URL Shortener", "Blog CMS", "Tic Tac Toe", "Twitch API", "Simon App", "Pomodoro App" }, } fmt.Println(codeMonkey) } // Copyright © 2015- Josh F. Johnston